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Sometimes it seems like the only time I get a creative urge is when I'm away from the computer. It can be pretty frustrating.


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Scene: Dr. Twilight & Nurse Vinyl are making making out.

Voice on the intercom comes on: "Doctor Twilight, you're needed in the maternity ward. Dr. Twilight!"

Dr. Twilight: "Ugh, always on my break. Let's go."

[Mrs. Horsetrap is in bed. Pegaslut & Petey are also present]

Mrs. Horsetrap: (moaning) "Uhhhh, oooohhhhh! I forgot how much this hurts!"

Dr. Twilight: "Okay let's get this over with.  Nurse Vinyl, please help the Patient assume the position.  Hey Sgt. Steroid!"

Petey: "Yeah?"

Dr. Twilight: [putting on gloves] "Yo momma's gonna need some stress relief, so go hold her hand ya homo!"

Petey: "I  ain't no hom..."

Dr. Twilight: "DO IT OR I'LL CUT YOU!!!'

Petey: "Okay!"

Pegaslut: " ZOMG! This is so exciting!" [whips out camera-phone]

Dr Twilight: "Hey if you want a real good picture, come over to this side! Now Miss, I'm going to need you to lay back, relax, breath, and PUSH!!!!"

[An unholy amount of blood shoots out]

Dr.Twilight: Damn it, the little parasite should've popped out by now!  Hmmm. Try squeezing something else, dead weight!

[Mrs. Horsetrap grabs Petey's neck and nearly throttles him]

Dr. Twilight: Ah, there we go! Congrats ya old bag! It's a girl!

Pega: ZOMG! You shouldn't be assigning gender ro-[SMACK!]

Nurse Vinyl: If the doctor says this pile of placenta is a girl then it's a girl!

Mrs Horsetrap: I think I'll call her Paula!

[Somewhere in Tartarus]

 Lord Tirek: Make daddy proud!

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