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Good Place, Bad Place
My name's Ronnie. I am a six year old telling you about what happened to him when he was five. How I got away from a bad place & went to a good place.
 The bad place was this daycare, called Paxton. It had all these ugly, old women running it (an a few really nasty young ones, too.)  Most of them didn't like me because I didn't smile or play with the other stupid kids.
One woman did like me, though (I think her name name was Katie). Said she knew me. Like I'd been to her house or something. Always smiling & waving at me going "Hi Ronnie!"    I didn't like it. She reminded me of all those dumb relatives at Christmas who say the love you even though you've never seen them before.
There was this one time this big, fat kid named Shawn stole a sandwich from me & Katie made him give it back.While she was handing it back to me she said "We're best friends now!" which I thought was stupid.
But that's not why I'm in the G
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Self-Portrait by MuttMix Self-Portrait :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 0 4
I ask why
Concoctions to drink
I ask why
Pills to swallow
I ask why
Tubes to insert
I ask why
Limbs to lose
I ask why
A bed to be confined in
I ask why
My only answer?
To keep you alive
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Solomon Kane FullRes by MuttMix Solomon Kane FullRes :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 2 2
Once, there was a woman
Who found herself at a crossroads
The classic crossroads
One leading left
The other leading right
(Before dismissing this story
Try reading it all the way
The Left road promised
 A life of self-hatred
being  tempered
by self-righteousness
All under the guise of
Making the world a better place
The Right road promised
a life of subservience
being tempered
by hectoring "others"
Which road did this woman take?
The one she made by herself.
:iconmuttmix:MuttMix 1 2
What is the purpose of the mind?
To keep it full? 
With facts, logic, and rationality?
Or dreams, aspirations, and creativity?
Is it merely a balancing act?
Or is about finding harmony?
What is the purpose of the mind?
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So you contributed
You made someone else
feel inferior
and hated
You caused a little more
and suffering
all without much
To laugh?
to feel superior?
For your own temporary satisfaction
You gave another human being life long problems.
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I am Evil
I am evil.
Because of my heritage.
I am evil.
Because of my gender.
I am evil.
Because of who I love.
I am evil.
Because of where I live.
I am evil.
Because of my income level.
I am evil.
Because of my religion.
I am evil.
Because of my occupation.
 I am evil.
Because you said so. 
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What I ask
I see the bag
That holds the body
Of the young woman
A prostitute by trade
who hated me
Because I arrested her
So many times
I told her
"Stop coming here!"
"These men aren't safe!"
She didn't listen
Now she's gone
I couldn't save her
Why didn't she listen?
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-I'm living in some former British Colony, in modern times. Every so often a female voice on a loudspeaker/siren says "Sgt _____ (I can't remember the name) is headhunting, please take cover" and I have to duck & hide. This happens exactly three times in my dream. On the third time, I get a tiny glimpse of the man's face. He's wearing some sort of mask that's a cross between a wooden "jungle" type & Micheal Myers kind.  I start to panic because I think he's seen me. And that's when I wake up. The strangest thing about my dream is the fact that it seemed like it was perfectly normal for me to try and hide from this headhunter. Like it was a just daily occurrence or small town oddity. Almost like that story about the Lottery where the winner is stoned to death.
-I see two creatures in front of a sort of microwave oven that's humming slowly. Inside the oven is something that looks like a cheap Chinese take out box  & for some reason I know it has human remains in it.
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Shurkul 01 by MuttMix Shurkul 01 :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 2 0 Shurkul 02 by MuttMix Shurkul 02 :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 0 2
Mature content
Birth of Paula/Equestibooru Hospital part 2 :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 1 2
Mature content
Horsetrap's Hellspawn :iconmuttmix:MuttMix 0 2
Dread creature.
Seed of Cain
Fury of God
You call me this.
Because I kill?
So do you.
I instigate art.
I stimulate imagination.
In centuries to come you won't believe in me.
Then I'll truly be dead.
:iconmuttmix:MuttMix 3 2
Eternal Footman
I am the Eternal Footman.
I carry mortals to the hereafter.
When your born I get your blanket.
When your a child I get your shoes.
When your old I get you.
I am the Eternal Footman.
I carry mortals to the hereafter.
I remember one mortal,
Named Alfred J. Prufrock.
Had little fear of no money.
But had a great fear of a woman's rejection.
I remember seeing his form.
All bent and terrified.
It was the first time I laughed.
Will it be the last?
:iconmuttmix:MuttMix 1 2


Art vs Artist II by ADAtheQueenOfHEARTS Art vs Artist II :iconadathequeenofhearts:ADAtheQueenOfHEARTS 112 37 Cuchivilu by Kaek Cuchivilu :iconkaek:Kaek 101 5 Lady Ghoul by Kaek Lady Ghoul :iconkaek:Kaek 17 2 Ningen by Kaek Ningen :iconkaek:Kaek 61 7 Goth Goddess Glory by curtsibling Goth Goddess Glory :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 76 44 Godzilla VS Ganon by BJSinc Godzilla VS Ganon :iconbjsinc:BJSinc 549 65
Mature content
Carfax, Part 2: Alabaster :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 5
Mature content
Carfax, Part 1: Awakening :icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 7
The True Picture of a Woman Pict by Laemeur The True Picture of a Woman Pict :iconlaemeur:Laemeur 366 36 Hobbit Commission by MrTuke Hobbit Commission :iconmrtuke:MrTuke 34 19 Kinslayer by ElbenherzArt Kinslayer :iconelbenherzart:ElbenherzArt 260 46
A man
There was a man
Playing in the world of illusion
Laughing loud like a psycho
Forgetting his responsibility
He didn't know
He didn't realize
He didn't care
He has entered the crooked path
which there was a dead end
They became the part of him
They were faded from him
He lives in the asylum
I hope he's okay.
:iconamirunthenoob1:amirunthenoob1 12 8
Vamp Woman by curtsibling Vamp Woman :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 134 37
Never one to be unfaithful
Righteous in everything he'd do
But he saw his brethren, hateful
And he decided to
Leave the evil he stood for
Find his own way to the light
What did his brothers have in store?
Hunt him down, it was their plight
Sinner, sinner, sinner
From his old past he fled
Humming his own anthem
Seeing his concealed hatred
How he was just like them
He could never change their mind
But worked hard to change his own
Saw himself as just as blind
'Til he realized how he'd grown
It wasn't about being right
Wasn't about becoming strong
He started shining his own light
Forgiving those in the wrong
The sinner, sinner, sinner
Untraceable guilt within his eyes
Was his a good or a bad will?
Gone searching for clearer skies
The sinner who knew no evil
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 10 7
Carfax: Prologue
1843, Somewhere outside of Umbranfield, England
The silver coffin weighed heavily on the priests’ shoulders, crushing their bones and grinding on their flesh through their garbs as they steadily descended the crooked stairs down into the musky black, mumbling prayers and begging the Lord that they not faultier and fail in their duty to lock away the monster confined in that silver coffin. Too many good men had died to defeat the beast. Too many women fallen victim to its vile bloodlust. So the priests endured, descending the stairs under the monastery.
The gypsy stone masons had spent a great deal of time to clear the way and cut away the chamber which would be the monster’s prison and tomb. The leader of the gypsies and their wise woman had insisted that they come too, to bury the inhabitant of the silver coffin. The gypsy leader, a large man with a beard down to his belly led the way down into the earth, lighting the way with a flaming torch, sure not to catch his beard a
:icond3ad-mad-hatt3r:D3AD-MAD-HATT3R 4 13
The Watchers by Markelli The Watchers :iconmarkelli:Markelli 215 17




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United States

Born in Virginia, lives in Montana.

Enjoys reading, writing, movies, games, & nature.
"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."
---Edgar Allan Poe


53 deviations
"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."
---Edgar Allan Poe


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